Street Photography-Slices of Life

My personal WARNING: You might be OR you might think you are Beautiful, Ugly , Smart, Famous, Infamous, Rich, Poor, Intelligent, Dumb, Cute, or are about to become one of the above or alike. Whoever you are, Good Godly Luck to you but, MIND the step along the way & dont become an asshole too!!! there you have it! everyone knows of one!

The Modern Day Street Photographer Refuses To Die!

Street Photography, a conceptual continuity!

I say it loudly that I so truly believe that there are faces and seconds that are ONLY realized through the lens of the Street Photographer and Street Photography. I cant help it!!!

No part of my website or images are meant to be disrespectful to anyone in or out of the site. After all, its ONLY Street Photography

***taken from : Street Photography and other stories

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